Why Go Out of the Box

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore compact spaces as an option for your home and office? Well, with shipping container conversions becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable and affordable solution, we are glad to open the doors to your very own customized space.

Out of the Box is all about pushing the idea of a modernist building space that is durable, affordable, innovative and practical. Be it a home, office or store, we offer a range of options for those who are looking for sustainable options and unique experiences with container living spaces. We make living in style a reality, with your own customized space that is only limited to the bounds of your imagination.


Our bespoke shipping container conversions are highly adaptable and meticulously designed to cater to your individual needs and applications.


Container spaces can be transported very easily from one site to the next, which means that you can take your portable office almost anywhere!


Our special modular container space can be dismantled easily and re-installed at any new location. It also makes it easier to add more sections to increase space if desired.


We know that containers are used worldwide to ship valuable goods. Therefore, it makes for a great safe box to base your valuable projects on as well.


Up-cycling shipping containers means that tons of steel is preserved. Furthemore, carbon footprints are significantly reduced owing to minimum foundation requirements.


Given the fact that container spaces are so versatile, it can be easily adapted into any location of your choice.